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Natalie Sun: Assessing Heavy Metal Concentrations in Wild Taiwanese Carnivores

Natalie Sun conducted research on the effects of heavy metal pollution on wild Taiwanese carnivores, in collaboration with the National Taiwan University Veterinary Hospital. YangMingShan National Park, where Natalie’s research mostly took place, offers a wide range of rare species to work on. Natalie aimed to replace blood samples with hair samples to study the heavy metal concentrations in several sites. Through this less invasive method of sampling, it reaches a balance between studying environment and protecting animals. Natalie Sun hails from Northern California and received her undergraduate degree from Amherst College. She discovered her passion for veterinary medicine after researching wild tree swallows and hoped to continue her exploration of this interdisciplinary field through her Fulbright research. Natalie is excited to share and apply her new experiences when she attends UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

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